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Grants Awarded

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2010 Grant Parade Picture

$20,000 Awarded to Quinlan ISD Teachers

The 2017 Quinlan ISD Education Foundation Parade of Grants marched through the halls of Quinlan schools to present $20,000 to QISD award-winning teachers.

"This is what it is all about. This is our purpose," said Foundation President, Dale Chreene. The QISD Education Foundation is a non-profit organization and the sole purpose of the Foundation is to serve as a partner to Quinlan ISD to enhance and promote academic initiatives in QISD.

2017 Grant Winners are:

1. Julie Todd, TMS - Real Men Read $1,400
2. Misty Mexia, TMS - Putting the Fun back in FUNdamentals $2,995.88
3. Kathleen Witte, QISD Mobile Learning Cafe $625.00
4. Cynthia Curb and Cindy Donahue, Butler Intermediate School, 9 Square in the Air PE Equipment $1,598.00
5. Debra Wilkins, Butler Intermediate School, Visit the Learning Farm Y'all $301.87
6. Christy Clements, Butler Intermediate School, Innovative Classroom Furniture $1,500.00
7. Stephanie Baumgardner, Butler Intermediate School, Just Right Books $510.00
8. Melissa Craig, Cannon Elementary, Ipad Minis for Kindergarten $2,680.00
9. Landra Hoff, Cannon Elementary, 1st Grade Accelerated Reader Books $2049.20
10. Shawna Santos, Cannon Elementary, Wiggle Our Way to Success $1334.11
11. Alan Stowers, FHS, Science Student Math Readiness $2,000.00
12. James Davis, FHS, TI-Nspire Calculators $3,000.00

Congratulations to each of our grant winners. Many students will benefit from these grants for many years to come.

The Foundation Board includes:

President, Dale Chreene
Vice President of Fundraising, Hershey Barnett
Vice President of Administration, Cory Hogon
Vice President of Programs, Barbara Norris
Vice President of Public Relations, Stacy Earls
Treasurer, Katherine Walla
Secretary, Jenifer Hogan
Board Member Rusty Case
Board Member Pamela Lamontagne
Board Member Mike Walla

QISD Foundation Approves $2,000 in Student Enrichment Opportunity Grants for the 2016-2017 School Year

The Education Foundation has awarded over $216,000 to QISD teachers since 2006. On average, $20,000 in grants have been awarded annually to well over 100 teachers to enhance classroom instruction. The mission of the Quinlan ISD Education Foundation, a community based non-profit organization, is to generate and distribute resources to the Quinlan school district in order to enrich, maintain and expand programs needed to meet the District’s mission of excellence in education.

The Quinlan ISD Education Foundation is proud to announce the approval of “Student Enrichment Opportunity Grants”. The Foundation will award up to $2,000 for Student Enrichment Opportunity Grants beginning August 2016. The goal of the Student Enrichment Opportunity Grants is to provide funds for elementary, middle school and high school students to participate in learning activities that extend beyond the classroom. Opportunities may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Individual student leadership training and other co-curricular experiences, such as math/ science/fine arts academies.

Individual student enrichment opportunities such as outside travel, cultural experiences and instructional-based activities and programs.

Grant applications will be open year-round and available for students to apply until $2,000 has been met each year. Applications must be submitted a minimum of 45 days prior to the required funding date needed. “We have wanted to offer student enrichment grants since the beginning. We are very excited as a board to open this proposition as one alternative for individual students to raise funds to attend an educationally enriched program where funds are not coming from the school budget, PTO or booster club organizations,” said Vice President of Programs Barbara Norris.

Board members include: President Dale Chreene, Vice President of Programs Barbara Norris, Vice President of Administration Cory Hogan, Vice President of Development and Fundraising Hershey Barnett, Vice President of Public Relations Stacy Earls, Treasurer Katherine Walla, Secretary Jenifer Hogan and board member Mike Walla.

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